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One of the issues or sectors that can revolutionize the economy of a developing country like Bangladesh is the IT sector. It is expected that this IT sector will be seen competing with the garment and service sector in the coming days. And in this country, there are endless possibilities and opportunities in the IT sector, only a little initiative is needed.
According to analysts, the IT sector is now a billion-dollar industry. According to official records, Bangladesh’s exports in the IT sector exceeded 1 billion US dollars in 2016. Again the number of completed exports in the IT sector cannot be calculated. Because many informal exports do not come as government. So it can be said that the income in this sector is more than that. We can expect that in a very short period of time, the exports of our technology sector will surpass that of the garments sector.
At present, IT-ITS services are being provided from Bangladesh to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and African countries. It is said that after the garment sector, the IT sector will lead the country’s economy in the coming days. According to a recent study by Everest Group, a US-based market research firm, Bangladesh has the potential to earn between 900 million and 1.10 billion. By 2025, it will reach about 4.8 billion US dollars. Recently, software exports to Bangladesh are increasing.
Now Bangladesh is the third-largest freelancing country in the world. At present, there are six and a half lakh IT freelancers in the country, who are working online in various marketplaces. They are also making hundreds of millions of dollars. Bangladesh is moving towards new technology possibilities in the new decade by holding the hands of software entrepreneurs. The country’s software sector companies are ready to face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the meantime, many innovative domestic initiatives have been appreciated and rewarded outside the country.
Building ‘Digital Bangladesh’ is not just in cities; The government has extended IT services to remote rural areas beyond the district and Upazila headquarters. Bit Byte Computers & Institute, Khulna is working to implement the government’s Digital Bangladesh.